Shipping Holiday Gifts? Follow These Tips

Taking the right steps before shipping gifts can help to ensure they arrive in one piece.

With the holiday season underway, your closets may be filling up with holiday gifts that you are hiding from your kids. If you are planning on shipping gifts to your loved ones, they may also be piling up as you try and figure out the best way to send them. To ensure all of your gifts arrive on time and in perfect condition, keep this holiday shipping guide in mind.

  • Start early – the sooner you place your holiday order or put it in the mail, the better your chances are of the package getting there on time. From bad weather to broken down trucks, there are tons of factors that are out of your control when it comes to shipping packages.
  • Choose the right container – if you are sending any heavy items such as gift baskets or small appliances, use corrugated cardboard boxes. Always try to use a new box since the cardboard will be much sturdier. If you only have a used box, check for any damage before shipping it off and take off any previous shipping labels.
  • Prepare for the landing – while most mail carriers are very careful with packages, there is always a chance that your box may be dropped. All breakable items should be wrapped in protective packaging, such as bubble wrap. All sharp edges should be double or triple wrapped.
  • Seal it tight – write the full address of the sender and recipient on the outside of the package with a waterproof marker. Tape the opening closed with at least 2 inches of reinforced tape. Do not wrap the box in paper since it could rip apart while the box is in transit.

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