New Baby? Protect Your Little One With These Baby-Proofing Home Tips & Home Insurance In Chicago, IL!

Protect your new baby with these baby-proofing tips & home insurance in Chicago, IL!

Bringing home your new baby is a joyous occasion. But, before you bring home your little bundle of joy, you must ensure that your home is ready. From setting up the baby’s room to buying clothes and accessories, it’s important to be ready. However, the most important task of all is ensuring that your baby is safe. Be sure to invest in home insurance in Chicago, IL and check out these tips to baby-proof your home.

Secure The Furniture.

Babies and small children love to crawl, grab, and climb on anything they can get their hands on, keep them safe from large falling objects by securing the furniture. Using brackets and anchors, ensure that your shelves, bookcases, televisions, lamps, and any other furniture are securely in place to avoid any toppling.

Lock Your Cabinets & Drawers.

Your cabinets and drawers are full of items that are hazardous to children. From glassware to cleaning supplies, be sure that your kids don’t have access to these harmful items. Install safety latches on all your cabinets and drawers to keep your kids from stumbling upon household dangers.

Soften Sharp Edges.

Once your little one starts walking, you have to watch their head. Countertops and coffee tables often have sharp edges that can cause a serious injury if your child hits their heads. Be sure to smooth those edges with corner and edge bumpers so that your child stays safe.

Outlet Protectors.

Electricity and children don’t mix. Make sure to secure every outlet in your home with plug-in protectors. That way curious kiddos won’t be able to stick things into your home’s electric outlets.

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