Check Out All You Need to Know About Your Deck Safety & Home Insurance in Chicago, IL

Learn why decks fall and how home insurance in Chicago can help protect your home.

A deck on your property is a great home benefit. It expands your outdoor living space and allows you to enjoy your home. However, sometimes your deck isn’t as sturdy as you might have thought. Protect your deck with the right home insurance in Chicago, and check out these common reasons why decks fail

The Problem: Weak Railing Attachment

The Fix: when it comes to your deck, the railing is an essential component in keeping you from falling. However, wooden railings are often not the sturdiest, which can then lead to problems with the structure of your deck. If your railings are too weak, then your deck could topple over. Secure the rails to the posts to make them sturdier.

The Problem: Unbraced Outer Beam

The Fix: Sometimes the outer beam can move side to side, which can compromise the structure of the deck. Too much movement can topple over the posts, which then cause the entire deck to fall. Protect your deck and secure the outer beam. Fasten and brace the posts to the outer beam to prevent lateral movement, which helps to prevent your deck from falling.

The Problem: Joist-to-Ledger Connections

The Fix: Use joist hangers to secure them to the ledger. That way the hangers can support the vertical weight without it moving away from the ledger. Ensure that you have the right hangers, and have them nailed into the ledger first. Then the joists can be nailed into the hanger. That way, you can rest easy knowing that your deck is well supported.

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