You Can’t Beat The Charm Of An Older Home, Insure Your Property With Home Insurance Coverage In Chicago

Don’t underestimate the value and charm of an older home and be sure to have the right home insurance coverage in Chicago!

When it comes to home buying, you may have ruled out older homes. Nowadays, we want the best of everything: hardwood floors, granite countertops, and stainless steel appliances. While a newer home might be move-in ready, don’t discount older homes just yet. There are lots of benefits to purchasing an older home that you just can’t get with a new home. Check out these reasons that buying an old home is the way to go and make sure you get the right home insurance coverage in Chicago.

Location, Location, Location.

When it comes to location in the city, older homes can’t be beat. They’ve been there since the beginning and they’re here to stay. Unlike newer homes that are usually built in the suburbs, older homes have great locations in the city.

Lots of Character.

Dare to be different! Cookie cutter homes can be boring. While most newer homes are part of developments with lots of tracked home, older homes are unique. They’re not like every other home. They have individual designs with special features that you won’t find in newer homes. From wainscoted walls to dumbwaiters and secret compartments, there are hidden gems to be discovered in older homes.


When looking to buy a home, affordability is an important factor. Older homes may be able to give you more of a savings than a newer home. Newer homes are generally set at a fixed rate, whereas there’s generally more flexibility on the price with an older home.

With the best locations, individuality and character, and affordability, buying an older home is a great option. Just be sure that your new house has the right home insurance coverage in Chicago. Have the professionals at Thomas Ward Insurance help you find the right insurance! Located in Chicago, Illinois, we serve all your personal and commercial insurance needs. Contact us for more information.