Why You Need an Umbrella Insurance Policy From an Independent Insurance Agency in Chicago, IL

Make sure you’re covered by an umbrella insurance policy from an independent insurance agency in Chicago, IL.

Life in unpredictable. You never know what may happen. You may have homeowners insurance and car insurance, but is it enough? Make sure that you’re protected with umbrella insurance from an independent insurance agency in Chicago, IL. Here’s why you need an umbrella policy.


While you may already have insurance, be aware that there are usually limits as to how much coverage they provide. While they don’t happen frequently, there could be a costly accident that puts you in a pickle. If your insurance doesn’t quite cut it, your assets are then put on the line to pay for the damages. Umbrella insurance is there, however, to absorb the heavy financial impact when your regular policies don’t cover enough.


Lawsuits seem to have wormed their way into American culture. It seems as if people are sued over the silliest things these days. But, no matter how silly we may think them to be, they are a reality of life, and you may be faced with a lawsuit should an accident happen. Lawsuits aren’t cheap, either. Umbrella insurance can serve as a buffer to offset exorbitant legal fees.

Added Protection.

No matter what you may need it for, umbrella insurance provides extra coverage to protect you and your hard earned assets. Most policies start at $1 million of coverage, but can go as high as $10 million. Don’t leave your security up to chance. Make sure to invest in an umbrella insurance policy to give you extra coverage for your peace of mind.

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