Bringing Your Own Device to Work Can Be Risky! Protect Your Business with Commercial Liability Insurance in Chicago

Protect your business from personal device use issues by investing in commercial liability insurance in Chicago.

Flexible work hours and working from home are all perks of living in the digital age. Most of us have our own personal devices, which makes these types of perks an everyday reality. Not only does it benefit the employee, but it also benefits the employer as technology has helped to increase communication, productivity, and efficiency while reducing business costs.

Using your own device for work purposes comes with its own set of problems, though. There is liability associated with using a personal device for work purposes. As an employer, set rules to outline how using personal devices can pose liability risks. Protect yourself with commercial liability insurance in Chicago, and check out how to draft a formal policy about employees using personal devices.

Establish the Rules.

As a business, you’re handling sensitive information. Implement as many safeguards as possible and let them be known to your employees. Set rules like only connecting to the company network if you have a secure Wi-Fi connection, using the latest, most up-to-date anti-virus software, and being wary of the apps that you download. Make it clear that you expect employees to be held to these standards, and there will be consequences if they’re not followed.

Talk About Responsibilities.

Make it clear that the company is not liable for any lost or damaged devices and not responsible for any injuries.

Offer Trainings.

When it comes to company practice and safety, be sure that your employees are aware of the rules. Implement a training program so that your employees are always up on the latest rules and so that they know how to minimize risk.

Be mindful of your company’s use of personal devices. Keep your company safe and secure with commercial liability insurance in Chicago. Located in Illinois, Thomas Ward Insurance serves all your personal and commercial insurance needs. Contact us for more information.