Read The Fine Print Before You Sign The Lease & Be Sure To Get Renters Insurance In Chicago, IL

Before you sign your lease know what you’re signing and be sure to invest in Renters Insurance In Chicago, IL

Before you sign on the dotted line, know what you’re getting yourself into. Your lease is a legally binding contract. If you wait to ask questions it might be too late. Make sure to ask your landlord these questions before you commit to renting the apartment and always be sure to invest in renters insurance in Chicago, IL.

What’s The Lease Term Commitment?

Before you sign that contract, be sure you know how long you’re leasing your apartment. There are multiple types of leases available. While leases are usually a year long, others may be a short-term or a month-to-month lease. Be sure that you’re clear on the details before you make the commitment to live there.

How and When Do I Pay Rent and What’s Included?

Know what stipulations are associated with paying the rent. Discuss with the landlord where you’re to send the rent and when your rent is considered late. Additionally, you should know what you’re paying for. Ask the landlord what utilities are included. That way there are no surprise fees and you can budget for your internet and/or cable.

What Rules Am I Expected To Follow?

Some rental properties don’t allow pets, others have restrictions on visitors, and others have rules against making any changes to the property. Make sure all the rules are laid out on the table and that you fully understand what’s allowed and what isn’t. Should you want to add your own personal touch to the property, ask the landlord if it’s okay before you sign anything.

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