Avoid Any Stress This Thanksgiving With These Tips!

You don’t have to stress out this Thanksgiving with these tips.

Even though Thanksgiving is meant to center around time with your loved ones, it can be easy to get stressed out. From preparing all of your delicious dishes to creating the perfect centerpiece, you may end up dreading Thanksgiving more than you look forward to it. To help you fully enjoy your holiday, keep these Thanksgiving stress tips in mind.

  • Write down your menu – looking at a hard copy of your menu will help you find ways to simplify your recipes. Once you have the final version of your menu, create a shopping list. Looking at your menu will also help you decide if there are any dishes that you need to cut out due to allergies or food preferences.
  • Create a game plan – schedule out your Thanksgiving day hour by hour, along with the few days leading up to the holiday. Keeping a schedule will help to prevent you from getting scatterbrained during the day and will help to make sure that all of your dishes are done on time.
  • Prep in advance – the more you can get done before the big day, the better. From setting the table to preparing dishes that can be heated up in just minutes, the more you can prep before your family starts arriving, the less stressed you will be.
  • Opt for a quick centerpiece – you do not have to go all out on your centerpiece. Simply filling a decorative vase or bowl with some clementines and dates will add some fall color and take up just a few minutes of your time.
  • Ask for help – delegate tasks to your loved ones. Something as simple as bringing dessert or being in charge of folding napkins can help to save you tons of time while helping your family feel as if they are part of a team

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