Learn All About Alzheimer’s Disease During World Alzheimer’s Month

Participate in World Alzheimer’s Month to help raise awareness about the disease.

September is World Alzheimer’s Month! In an effort to raise awareness and understanding about the disease, World Alzheimer Month helps to educate the public about the illness. From dementia to Alzheimer’s disease, there’s a lot to learn about the condition. Check out what you need to know about Alzheimer’s and how you can help to lessen the burden of the disease.

What is Alzheimer’s Disease:

Alzheimer’s is a form of dementia that impairs a person’s memory, thinking, and behavior. Over time the disease takes its toll and can affect various aspects of everyday life.  Despite the fact that a little forgetfulness is part of the aging process, Alzheimer’s is not a normal consequence of aging. It’s a progressive disease that gets worse with time. In extreme cases, it can prevent a person from responding to their surroundings. There is not cure for Alzheimer’s.

Symptoms 0f Alzheimer’s Disease:

In the beginning, it’s difficult to determine whether your symptoms are related to getting older or if they’re a result of Alzheimer’s disease. However, they’re two very different things. Alzheimer’s disease is associated with having less energy, difficulty remembering and retracing your steps, withdraws from activities, mood swings, difficulty speaking and writing, confusion, and difficulty completing familiar tasks. If you think you or a loved one may have Alzheimer’s disease, visit your doctor. They can make the determination as to whether or not you have the disease and can help to give you tools to cope with the disease.

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