Prevent Ice Dams with Prevention Tips and Home Insurance in Chicago, IL


Winter weather can cause serious damage to your home. Protect your home from damaging winter conditions with these safety tips and home insurance in Chicago, IL!

Ice dams can cause serious water damage to your home. As water melts and refreezes on your roof, it can seep through the roof into your home. Check out these tips about ice dams to help keep your home secure.

Winter is the time to prepare for spring and summer repair projects. One of the more important things to inspect is your roof. Take note if you have an excess build-up of ice forming in your gutters. There are a few reasons this could happen. Your gutter may be clogged with leaves and other debris, or your home could be susceptible to ice damning. Ice damming occurs when hot air heats the roof sheathing and melts the underside of the snow layer on the roof. Here are a few steps for you to take to prevent ice dams.

  • Seal airs leaks between the warm interior in your attic and the cold exterior.
  • You will mostly likely need to increase the amount of insulation after the air leaks are repaired.
  • You may have to put in ridge vents to help improve the ventilation between your roof sheathing and the internal insulation.
  • Consider a self-adhering, waterproof roof underlayment for the bottom three feet of your roof.
  • Look for water damage. If you notice any damage near the roof of your home’s interior, you may have an ice dam.
  • Inspect your icicles. Look at the icicles and see whether or not there’s water trapped behind them. If not, then there likely is no ice dam. However, icicles can be dangerous, so be very careful and never stand directly below them. Remove them very carefully. Call a professional if you need help or cannot reach the icicles.
  • If you do have an ice dam, the ice has to be melted. If the dam is manageable to melt yourself, use a nylon stocking with calcium chloride ice melt. Place the stocking vertically across the ice dam. Do not use rock salt. Be very careful and only do this if you can safely get to the ice dam.
  • If the ice dam is out of reach, make sure to get professional help.

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