Personal Insurance for Chicago Families—Focused on Recovery

Personal insurance is designed to protect you from circumstances beyond your control, making sure the situations that inevitably arise in everyone’s life don’t put you on the path to financial ruin. In that sense, personal insurance isn’t about loss. It’s about recovery.

There’s no question that insurance gives you peace of mind. The question is, do you have the insurance you need?

Personal Lines Coverage Options for Chicagoland Families

No two people’s insurance requirements are exactly the same. That’s why our team at Thomas Ward Insurance Group talks to you, listens to your needs and then tailors your policy to include the right kind and amount of coverage that suits your specific lifestyle.

  • Auto insurance: Whether you lease or own, drive multiple vehicles or just one, we make sure your auto insurance complies with the law and any lienholder requirements. Additionally, for those who use their vehicle to transport paying passengers (e.g., Lyft, Uber), we have access to carriers who offer rideshare coverage.

  • Bike insurance: Cycling has skyrocketed in Chicago, as has the price many people now pay for high-end, high-performance bicycles. Whether your bike is lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed, we’ve got you covered.

  • Flood insurance: Too many homeowners find out too late that their home insurance does not cover flooding. You don’t have to live on the coast or shoreline to have a flood ruin your home. Talk to us to put the right protection in place.

  • Home insurance: Your home is likely your most valuable investment. Recovering from a loss the right way is critical. We ensure you’ve got the right amount of coverage to replace it. What’s more, if you rent your home, whether temporarily or on a permanent basis, or own a vacation home, we have access to carriers who will cover you.

  • Life insurance: In 2017, the average cost of a traditional funeral ranges between $,7000 and $10,000. Life insurance, either term or whole, protects your survivors from being burdened with that expense at a time when the emotional toll on them is extraordinarily high. What’s more, life insurance provides your loved ones with financial support as they adjust to a future without you.  

  • Long-term disability: All too often, the combination of costly medical bills and lost income leads individuals to bankruptcy. While we offer this coverage to all of our clients, we often find those who need this the most work in businesses that rely on their expertise (e.g., doctors, lawyers, contractors).
  • Travel insurance: Heading out of the country or on an extended holiday? Travel insurance can help with health care costs if you get sick, emergency return trips home, or even recouping the cost of your vacation should circumstances prevent you from taking it.

  • Umbrella insurance: Just like it sounds, umbrella insurance extends your coverage when your home or auto insurance limits are exhausted. And for a fairly low cost, it provides an even greater peace of mind and comfort knowing that no matter what, your family’s finances won’t disappear instantly after an accident.

Getting You the Right Amount of Coverage

Our team of licensed insurance professionals will ensure you not only have the right insurance but the right amount of coverage as well. Our objective is not to sell you as much insurance as possible. Instead, our goal is to make sure your insurance fully covers you, so if there’s a loss—a car accident or a house fire—your benefits cover your costs completely. Ultimately, that’s what’s going to give you peace of mind.

Which Insurance Is Right for You?

For more information or a quote on personal insurance, call the Thomas Ward Insurance Group today at 312.254.1500. We also welcome online inquiries. Our wide range of carriers allows us to find the best solutions for all your insurance needs.