Put Your Health First During National Influenza Awareness Week with These Tips!

Learn how to stay healthy during National Influenza Awareness Week!

It’s National Influenza Awareness Week! As temperatures drop and you spend more time indoors, flu season starts to pick up. Stay healthy all winter long by developing the right healthy habits to keep the flu away. Participate in National Influenza Week by learning about and practicing these healthy habits. Check out what you need to know.

Get Your Flu Shot.

When it comes to keeping the flu at bay, your best shot at staying healthy is by getting your flu shot. It’s not too late to get your vaccination this season. Talk to your doctor about getting your shot so that you can keep yourself and those around your flu free.

Dress Warmly.

While you won’t catch a cold simply because you’re out in the cold, the cold can impact your immune system. Don’t let the weather weaken your immune system. Whenever you head out into the cold, ensure that you dress warmly.

Wash Your Hands Often.

Frequent hand washing is one of the best ways to keep germs in check. When you touch countless surfaces throughout the day, it’s no secret that you’re spreading germs everywhere. Wash your hands often with warm, soapy water for at least 30 seconds to keep your hands clean.

Practice Healthy Habits.

When you practice healthy habits, you keep your immune system healthy. The better your immune system works, the less likely you are to get sick. Eat a healthy diet, get plenty of exercise, drink lots of water, and get enough sleep. That way you can stay healthy year round.

When it comes to your health, ensure that you have the tools that you need to be flu-free during National Influenza Awareness Week! Protect yourself with these tips and the right insurance. Located in Chicago, Illinois, Thomas Ward Insurance serves all your personal and commercial insurance needs. Contact us for more information.