Don’t Forget to Prepare Your Home Before a Vacation with These Anti-Burglary Tips & Home Insurance in Chicago, IL

Secure your home before you go away with these anti-burglary tips and home insurance in Chicago.

It’s vacation season. The kids are off from school, the weather is warm, and millions of tourists flock to the top destinations around the world. As you pack your bags for your trip, prepare your home for your vacation. When you head out of town, your home is at a greater risk for home burglaries. Protect it with anti-burglary tips and home insurance in Chicago.

A Well-Lit Home is a Safer Home.

Lights tend to mean someone is home. Before you leave, set a few lights around your home on a timer to go on and off while you’re away. It will help to create the illusion that someone is home to deter thieves from breaking-and-entering.

Don’t Be a Stranger to Your Neighbors.

Get to know your neighbors. You can help each other out while the other is away so that you have an extra set of eyes on your property. If there are any issues, they can help to keep your home safe.

Handle Your Newspaper and Mail Deliveries.

A full mailbox and a driveway littered with newspapers is a big no-no when it comes to keeping burglars away from your home. Either ask a friend or neighbor to pick up your deliveries for you, or call to put a hold on your mail until you’ve returned.

Be Mindful of Your Social Media Posts.

Posting about your upcoming trip may be tempting, but it’s better to hold off on posting until after you return. Posting your travel plans on social media can alert burglars that your home is empty. Instead, post your pictures once you get back.

Safeguard your home while you’re away with the right home insurance in Chicago. You can enjoy your trip knowing that your home is safe. Located in Illinois, Thomas Ward Insurance serves all your personal and commercial insurance needs. Contact us for more information.