Environmentally Friendly Tips That Help You Save the Earth and Save Money for Earth Day

Check out these environmentally-friendly tips for Earth Day.

As our world is becoming more conscious about environmental issues, Earth Day is celebrated every April 22. Not only is going green helpful to the environment, but it can also help to save you money. Participate in celebrating and saving money with these environmentally-friendly tips.

Swap Out Your Lightbulbs.

Reducing your energy usage can help to reduce your carbon footprint and save money on your energy bill. Investing in compact fluorescent light bulbs can lessen your energy usage and extend the life of your light bulbs. That way you pay less on your utilities, and you don’t have to buy bulbs as often.

Make a Shopping List.

Reducing food waste can help to benefit the environment as well as your wallet. Impulse buys and bulk purchases contribute to an excess of food waste. Help to reduce what you buy when you make a shopping list. That way you know exactly what you need and don’t overspend.

Ditch the Bottled Water.

Buying bottled water is expensive. Reduce costs by investing in a reusable water bottle. That way you’re able to save money and lessen plastic waste.

Use Your Thermostat Efficiently.  

When it comes to heating and cooling your home, you use lots of energy. Keep your heating and cooling systems in great shape so that they work well. Seal any loose ducts and clean the air filters regularly. Additionally, use alternate methods of heating and cooling, like a fan in the summer, and set your thermostat on a timer so that you’re only using it when needed.

Celebrate Earth Day with these environmentally friendly tips. As you help protect the earth, protect yourself with the right insurance policies. Located in Chicago, Illinois, Thomas Ward Insurance serves all your personal and commercial insurance needs. Contact us for more information.