Not All Disasters Are Equal, Your Home Insurance in Chicago, IL May Not Cover You

Do you have enough coverage for disasters? Your home insurance in Chicago, IL, likely won’t cover certain types. 

Natural disasters have plagued this earth since the dawn of time. Flooding, earthquakes, and fire, while maybe not frequent, are always a possibility. You may think that you’re covered by your home insurance in Chicago, IL, but that may not be the case. Not all disasters are covered under your home insurance policy. Here’s what you should consider when determining whether or not your valuables are covered.


Flooding is not covered by your home insurance coverage. You need an additional policy to make sure you’re covered. Thanks to the National Flood Insurance Program, finding a policy is easy. You’re able to get coverage as a homeowner, renter, or business owner to ensure that your property is protected from flood damage.


While earthquakes may not be very common in Illinois, you never can be sure. Oklahoma, which isn’t known to be an earthquake hub, has experienced more earthquakes recently than ever before. Earthquake coverage is not covered under your insurance policy. Make sure that you have extra coverage should you experience this disaster.

Maintenance Negligence:

This isn’t quite a natural disaster, but your home insurance usually won’t cover maintenance related damage should you be found to not upkeep your home. If you neglect to keep your home in good condition, your home insurance won’t cover any related damages.

Sewage Damage:

If you experience any sewage damage, it’s likely not covered under your home insurance unless you have taken out an additional supplement to your policy. This goes for your sump-pump, too! If you experience any damages or flooding due to these issues, you need a separate policy to keep you covered.

Don’t leave the coverage from your home insurance in Chicago, IL up to chance! Make sure to invest in supplemental policies to keep your valuables safe. Have the professionals at Thomas Ward Insurance help you find the right insurance! Located in Chicago, Illinois, we serve all your personal and commercial insurance needs. Contact us for more information.