Protect Your Valuables From Theft With Home Insurance In Chicago, IL

Protect your home from common property loss with home insurance in Chicago, IL.

You’ve worked hard for your home and everything in it. From your Xbox to your diamond ring, you likely have a few valuables around your home. But are you taking care of them? Your valuables are the most commonly burglarized items in your home. Make sure they’re protected. Check out these safety precautions and be sure to get the right home coverage with home insurance in Chicago, IL.


Keeping large sums of cash around your home, isn’t the best idea. But if you must, be wary of where you keep it. Burglars know all the traditional hiding spots and usually start their search in the master bedroom. Make sure to avoid common hiding spots and get creative. Better yet, keeping your cash in the bank will keep it safer.


From your television to your laptop to your video game consoles, your electronics are at risk for theft during a home burglary. Because they’re mostly portable and carry high fiscal value, they’re a prime target. Be sure to store them in a secure, safe place out of sight. Also, be sure to password protect any items, like your laptop, if possible. For larger items that can’t be stowed away be sure to secure them. Try mounting your flat screen television to the wall.


How often do you take off your jewelry and set it on your dresser and forget to put it away? Because you wear your jewelry frequently, you tend not to keep it under lock and key. Because of it’s easy access, jewelry is often taken in home burglaries. Make sure to lock up your jewels when you’re not using them. Keep them in a safe, preferably not in the master bedroom.

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