Find the Right Policies: Insurance Tips for Millennials

Demystify the complexities of insurance with insurance tips for millenNials!

As a millennial, insurance probably isn’t on the top of your to-do-list. But in order to protect your car, home, or personal liability, it’s a necessity. The problem is that navigating the insurance world can be complicated. Make the process easy with these insurance tips for millennials!

Take inventory.

To get started, look at what you need covered. In order to make an informed decision about the coverage you need, you need to know what needs to be insured. Your computer, jewelry, phone, etc. are all expensive items. If you already have coverage, it may not cover all your valuables. Make sure you stay organized and know what you have. Plus, an inventory of all your personal belongings will make the replacement process easier if you do need to submit a claim.

Evaluate your needs.

Think about your lifestyle and then determine your needs. Do you rent an apartment or own a home? Do you drive a car or use public transportation? Did you recently get married? Do you need to start thinking about life insurance? Do you drive an Uber and need special car insurance? You need different coverage based on what suits your lifestyle needs. Take a step further and look into the policies that you already have and see if they provide sufficient coverage. For example, you may think that your landlord’s insurance provides enough coverage for your apartment, but it likely doesn’t provide any coverage for your personal belongings. Investing in a renters insurance policy would help protect your valuables.

Work with an agent you trust.

While research is important when looking for insurance, you also should consult with an independent insurance agent. They are an expert in their field and can provide you with insight that you may have missed in your research. They’ll point you in the direction of a policy that best suits your needs (and your budget).

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