How Your Auto Insurance Will Keep You Safe On Winter Roads

Use these tips with your Auto Insurance Chicago IL policy to help you navigate snow covered roads.

As the roads fill with snow and ice, you may be wishing that you could work from home. since you can’t stay cooped up in your house all winter, taking the right snow safety steps to ensure your safety on the road is vital. Use your Chicago, IL auto insurance and these safety tips to help you arrive at all your destinations this season.

Take your time

When getting in your car, take the time to make sure everything is working properly. Check your tires to ensure they are properly inflated and that you have plenty of windshield washer fluid. Clean off your windshield and windows and turn on your defroster to keep them clear.

Keep your hands on the wheel

You should always keep both hands on the wheel when there is snow on the ground so that you can stay in control. Accelerate and brake gradually so that your tires don’t spin on the icy roads. Turn the wheel slowly to avoid slipping and sliding on the road.

Avoid cruise control

When you are using cruise control, you do not have as much control over your vehicle. If your car starts sliding while your cruise control is turned on, the cruise control will try to keep your car at a constant speed, which can lead to more dangerous situations.

Give yourself space

Increase your following distance to at least 5 seconds from the car in front of you at all times. The increased distance will help to give you the extra time that you need to react to any situation that may arise.

Most importantly, take a look at your auto insurance in Chicago, IL to ensure that you have the right amount of coverage for the chilly season. Contact Thomas Ward Insurance for all of your Illinois car insurance needs.