It’s Stress Awareness Month – Learn How to Manage Your Stress with These Tips

Use these tips to combat stress for Stress Awareness Month.

With our busy schedules, we often struggle to find balance. Instead, we wind up stressed out about our lives. However, stress is detrimental to our health. It increases anxiety and depression and increases the risks for physical ailments like heart disease and obesity. April is Stress Awareness Month. Help to reduce your stress with these stress management tips.

Practice Deep Breathing.

When you practice deep breathing, your body is afforded the opportunity to relax. Focus on your breath to assist you in practicing mindfulness. The combination of the breath and mindfulness helps to control your stress by lowering your heart rate and combatting stress hormones so that you’re better able to relax.

Channel Stressful Energy into Exercise.

When it comes to keeping your stress in check, exercise can provide the outlet that you need. Whether it’s a run, dance class, or hike, choose an activity that you enjoy and stick with it to help balance your stressful energy.

Laugh More.

When you laugh, your brain releases certain chemicals that help you to relax. Help to keep stress in check when you laugh more. Watch a funny video, read a joke, or hang out with friends so that you can manage stress.

Spend Time with Friends.

Don’t underestimate the power of socialization. Being social and spending time with friends and family can help you to better manage your stress. Your social circle helps you to talk through the things that are stressing you out and helps to have fun, taking your mind off the stress.

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